Today’s Remarkable Incident

In 1939 today first time  the main component of nuclear bomb of the atom of uranium  was researched through cyclotrone process. It was prepared by the scientist John R. Duning. First nuclear bomb was tested on 16 July, 1945 named Trinity. America also threw world’s first nuclear bomb on Hiroshshima , Japan in the following year.


Copyright law

In India in 1958 today country’s copyright law was followed. This saved the authenticity of person’s writing, audio. Authentic creations stand in this criteria after the 60 years of the death of the person. In breaking the law you have to get maximum imprisonment of three years & 0.2 million fine. For research & teaching the copyright creations can be used.

Shut down in America

Now, America is troubling with a new problem that is shut down. Actually the senate-house of America is not ready to pass the bill for the fund of government expenditure. That is why they don’t have the money to give to their employees & almost 0.8 million people will be told to go on the holidays without wages.

Because of it the global economy will stagger with the uncertainties which are arising due to the shortage of fund.

The value of dollar is also declining because of the rigid policies of Federal Reserve Bank.

When the markets of America will open at that time the whole picture will be clear.

Hope that soon all will be well. lol!


Silent Tears : A Moving Story ( Part – 5 )

Good morning friends.

Today I am going to write the last episode of the story of Vaishnavi & Sameer. After it I will  complete my novel ‘Love & Destiny’- story of Nihal & Muskaan but don’t worry in this novel there will be no sad ending.


Now, Vaishnavi decided to leave that way also where she could meet with Sameer. She left to look back. The time started to run, but was Vaishnavi really running with time?

At night when the whole world was sleeping at that time the eyes of Vaishnavi were waking up.  With her dragged feet she pulled the chair & dashed a letter to God.


Dear God,

The whole world thinks me a demented – a freak. Today I want to accept it that may be I’m really a freak but whoever I am only created by you.

The day when I left Sameer at that time I left him only because I thought that I don’t deserve her. Only for his happiness I went away from his life. Thereafter I never tried to come back but when I came to know about my destiny I didn’t take much time to think that I would go back in his life.

But, he could not understand why I came on that way back which was left by me two years before & why I was trying to talk to him again & again when I left to talk to him myself.

The day when he left me was not easy for me. In one moment the existence of my world trembled.

But, from that day whenever I came to meet with you I only prayed for him. My tongue just forgot to ask anything for me; whenever I prayed, I wished for his happiness only.

In this way he became my God but I was failed to become a human for him.

When the whole world accused me at that time I never thought that he would also do the same thing with me.

Today when I’ve decided to leave him at that time also I pray for his happiness. When he came to know about it, once again he would not understand me why I have done this. But, it is very necessary for me because now I can’t let others to take my exam.

May be I really don’t deserve him.




That Person Might Need You

Hey you guys!

Hope that your time is hopping very smoothly.

Friends in this world there are sundry people. And one thing is sure that nobody is perfect in this world.

Some people might be having physical deficiency & some might be having mental deficiency.

At that time what do they demand – just trust & support.

These people are not responsible for their own life but God has made them in this way because of their past birth acts.

In this case, to do the wrong with them to think that you are doing anything good with them is not a wise thing because in this way you will just prepare a hell of bitterness for them and nothing else.

Never break the trust of that person because you don’t know but might be that person only trusts upon you. But, your curt replies will send that person into the darkness from where he/ she will not come. But, when you will realise this thing it might be very late till then. If you can, stop that person otherwise ……..

Some Upcoming Changes in Facebook

Facebook has decided to upgrade its news feed by showing the messages of friends, relatives & acquaintances first.  It is also worried about some deceitful information in the news feed & that’s why decided to do a survey among the people for the reliability of those messages which they get in their news feed.


In India now you can use Facebook & Whatsapp while travelling by an aeroplane.