Smiles Can Often Be Deceptive

Sometimes we meet with some persons & we start to think that he/she is very happy because his/ her eyes are crinkling with the smiles.

Is it true judgement?

Of course not.

Because behind his/ her smile he/she tries to hide those feelings which have entirely etched on his/her face. The words which have stabbed his/her heart are also concealed behind his/ her sweet voice.

We never think what happens to that person when he sits in a lonely room surrounded by the bricks of the walls? At that time he/she wants to unveil his/her emotions but how will he/she express himself/ herself at that time? He/She will scream to the stones because the stones are much better than the bogus human beings. At least these will never to deceive anyone.

The  person who wet his pillow with a lot of tears last night, the same person will go to his/her office with a broad smile. His/ her colleagues would never imagine how much barren he/she has become from his/ her heart.

In this way we live our life with deception & in this way we judge the others while accepting their deception.

We all are having the problems in our life but our etched lines of sorrow have been hidden ourselves by a smile solely.

Whether we want to live our life or not we have to live it with a fake smile is a ultimate truth of life.

Illusion of Love

Can it be possible that anyone will feel the illusion of love?

One day a girl met with a boy. That boy did not feel love at first sight but he got something different feeling and that feeling was the infatuation or we can call it solely a crush.

That girl didn’t know about it. Gradually she became his good friend and that boy didn’t know anything about her so he decided to ask one question everyday from that girl. Whenever they met he asked one question like her date of birth, her address, her father’s name & her father’s profession. One day he came with mugging up a quote of business and asked the meaning of that quote from that girl but that girl was very unknown towards all his tricks. That’s she took it very easy.

Next day he started to show his real feelings to that girl. In front of her two friends he proposed that girl for marriage indirectly. She remained silent. Once again he did the same but that girl didn’t respond because she knew the condition of her parents at that time. She decided to go away from the life of that boy.

She didn’t talk with that boy after that day but the distance didn’t make that boy to forget that girl. Again & again he came in front of her and did so many indirect efforts to talk to her. But that girl was adamant on her decision that she would go away from his life only because of his happiness. She thought that he deserved a fortunate girl.

After two years also that boy didn’t forget that girl & that girl didn’t want to meet him anyhow because she had no dare to face the questions which he could ask. But one day she met with a person who told her to meet with that boy because this was the game of the stars- her destiny. She decided to make her will power strong. Many times she thought that she would tell him everything.

Ultimately she decided to tell each & everything about her to that boy but what happened at that time the love which remained alive till 2 years in his heart that love suddenly went away just like a plume of smoke from his heart. The memories which he didn’t want to erase from his mind suddenly vanished away from his mind. All of a sudden he said in front of the others that he never met with her in his life. He never said even hello to her. But in spite of it she tried to meet with him three times. The feeling which she developed in her mind was the hell of her mind. It was only an illusion of love which she felt within these two years.

Every Elapsed Moment Is Death

Why does life unfold those pages which make me to bury head into the sand?

Why does the distance of two steps become the journey of uncountable miles?

Why does the mind not get ready to believe even upon those things which it sees?

Why do the lips have to smile when the head is already blank?

Why do I become culprit of snatching away someone’s happiness in my own eyes without doing anything wrong?

Why do the eyes resist tears to shed when the heart is entirely broken?

Why do the feet stumble down when I try to get up with full feisty?

Why do I not find my voice when I need it the most?

Why does everybody think that my nose doesn’t know to sniff?

Why do I get failed to find myself even in the lonely place?

Why does the pain of my heart get the place on a piece of paper?

Why does every elapsed moment look like a death for me?

Am I really alive?


Turn the Clock Back

With the clicking sound of clock time is going by & leaving the shadow of the past which gets stamped on our mind and heart.

The people who live around you might deem you freak & dried because the feelings of pain are never etched on your face. But is your heart really bereft of the agony of fear & pain which can drive your mind to bury your head on the sand? Does there not come any time when you look half off your chump? Does the anguish never haunt your eyes?

The answer is hidden in the core of your heart only.

The flashbacks make us to confront with those irrepressible memories and emotions which palpitate our hearts & give us a lurch to regret, repent, penitence & fumble the hands nervously.

We try to block out those insipid memories by applying so many tricks which become a remedy to make us resilient.

If I talk about myself I preferably do these three things to combat with the contention which is going inside my soul.

Firstly I try to indulge myself in doing more & more work to divert my mind from the negative thoughts which pop up in my mind instantly.

Secondly I do smile pretentiously so that nobody will be able to read my face.

Thirdly I try to inundate my mind to chill out & invigorate by joining the company of my friends but often get failed internally.

Likewise you will have your own  consequential remedies to cope with your stress. But what do we get? Probably vacuity.

We try to chill out in front of the others but when we get alone the eyes which were crinkling a little time before get filled with the glumly silence & that silence smears us to shed the anguish from the tears, to scream constantly and to drop on our knees because in this desolate place we’ll not be conspicuous by anyone.

At that time one idea makes a fuss in our mind to turn the clock back and do the changes in those minutes of the past which have left us lonely to be disgruntled in the present time.

What a phantom idea it is!

Only one choice is left by the past to accept all the memories  with well disposition or without well disposition.

Once Again! Gloomy Day

I never intended to be a teacher but I just drifted into it. After spending a long holidays eventually the day had come to join the school. The beams of sunlight penetrates my eyes to wake me up to get ready for the long hectic moron schedule which was going to be started from today.

As I reached there we were told to sit in the roomy conference hall. We sat there with the insipid faces – no whiff of enthusiasm for what was going to be next. The eyes were bugged out with glum looks  & the ears were compelled to listen the negligible stuff but not to grasp. Actually sometimes time doesn’t give us any alternative to put off. After all boss is always right whether we feel quite compos or not.

The concurrent meetings were started when the clock struck quarter past fifteen past. The first hour of the hall went so nicely with a few ludicrous remarks. But after it what happened——- I just wanted to fuck it because one meeting got ended at the beginning of the second non negotiable meeting & this gratuitous procedure longed till 2 o’clock without any break to refresh ourselves for the next insubstantial topic.

I just wanted to leave that gloomy room but my legs grappled me there to rivet my mind to listen each & every word warily for getting the remuneration of this month.

But amidst these indolent things my mind was hovering because of one more thing which was also happening around me. I don’t know from where the negative thoughts pop up my mind to make me demented & become a cause to wrench the feelings of someone. I don’t want to disregard anyone but I make that person discompose inadvertently. Many times my mind gets devoured by the feeling of sorry but most probably I have lost that word sorry to say also.

Book Review : Beyond Reason

Book’s Name – Beyond Reason

Author- Kat Martin

Genre- Romance, Romantic Suspense, General Romantic Suspense

Published – May 30, 2017

Publisher – Zebra

Price – $ 7.99

                              ” Good Balance of Action & Romance in Texas”

In the settings of Iron Springs scary atmosphere owing to intrigued plot tingles the spine with the tiniest amount of fear & worry for the hero & heroine.

On the one hand Carly Drake comes in Texas to build the inherited business of her grandfather but becomes the target of a nefarious purpose of a bad guy who wants to snuff out her completely. On the other hand Lincoln Cain a wealthy competitor with a disrupted past owing to law wants to help Carly due to his given word to her grandfather but Carly feels disgruntled to rely upon him after her two broken engagements.

But when she falls in jeopardy, she takes help from Lincoln Cain. From here the attention grows from the strength each glimpses in the other as they solve the mystery. Will Lincoln be able to keep her safe from the bad guys who want to get Carly to fall in line with their vicious plans?

The dialogues kept me on the edge of my seat every time the bad guys did their best to scare Carly . But the story moves very slowly & I think part of my struggle in reading this book was the length of this book.

So, guys if you want to read a blood curdle novel with a glimpse of romance, this would be a good choice for you.

Rating – 04/5

                 ( Reviewed by Akanksha Agrawal )

A Letter of Parents to Their Child

Dear child,

When you opened your eyes in this world, our nerves got impulsed & devoured by the brushing touch of your soft & warm hands. Your blurred dreams torched light to our eyes. The adorable moments which you gave us will invariably tingle us till the death throes of our lives.

We don’t know when this time flew away with your scurry steps & alluring smile and now you have grown up to take care of yourself but our hearts still freak out to think about you when you get late to come back from your office.

Possibly this is the interminable truth of this relationship between the parents & a child in which the distances of several kilometres can’t drift apart the two hearts.

But today when we feel the destitute of time because we don’t know for how many steps our lives will lead us forward? Hence we’ve decided to pour out our impulsive desires by penning out this letter for you.

Through this letter we just want to ask a question from you? Can we long a hope that you’ll requite the cherished love to us when we are diving towards the end of our final stage?

If occasionally while talking we’ll lose the track of our statements, will you give us the time to remember the lost words like a baby without inundating yourself with arrogance & impatience?

When we’d drag ourselves with the tired legs & not be able to walk any more, will your hands be keen to support us while we’re staggering in the same way when we held you while taking your first step of walk?

When the light of our eyes would get dim, will we be gratified to seek this world through your eyes?

Truly we will be grateful for your given time & cherished love because these two things are extremely needed to soothe our pain at the last day of our lives.