Every Elapsed Moment Is Death

Why does life unfold those pages which make me to bury head into the sand?

Why does the distance of two steps become the journey of uncountable miles?

Why does the mind not get ready to believe even upon those things which it sees?

Why do the lips have to smile when the head is already blank?

Why do I become culprit of snatching away someone’s happiness in my own eyes without doing anything wrong?

Why do the eyes resist tears to shed when the heart is entirely broken?

Why do the feet stumble down when I try to get up with full feisty?

Why do I not find my voice when I need it the most?

Why does everybody think that my nose doesn’t know to sniff?

Why do I get failed to find myself even in the lonely place?

Why does the pain of my heart get the place on a piece of paper?

Why does every elapsed moment look like a death for me?

Am I really alive?



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