With the clicking sound of clock time is going by & leaving the shadow of the past which gets stamped on our mind and heart.

The people who live around you might deem you freak & dried because the feelings of pain are never etched on your face. But is your heart really bereft of the agony of fear & pain which can drive your mind to bury your head on the sand? Does there not come any time when you look half off your chump? Does the anguish never haunt your eyes?

The answer is hidden in the core of your heart only.

The flashbacks make us to confront with those irrepressible memories and emotions which palpitate our hearts & give us a lurch to regret, repent, penitence & fumble the hands nervously.

We try to block out those insipid memories by applying so many tricks which become a remedy to make us resilient.

If I talk about myself I preferably do these three things to combat with the contention which is going inside my soul.

Firstly I try to indulge myself in doing more & more work to divert my mind from the negative thoughts which pop up in my mind instantly.

Secondly I do smile pretentiously so that nobody will be able to read my face.

Thirdly I try to inundate my mind to chill out & invigorate by joining the company of my friends but often get failed internally.

Likewise you will have your own  consequential remedies to cope with your stress. But what do we get? Probably vacuity.

We try to chill out in front of the others but when we get alone the eyes which were crinkling a little time before get filled with the glumly silence & that silence smears us to shed the anguish from the tears, to scream constantly and to drop on our knees because in this desolate place we’ll not be conspicuous by anyone.

At that time one idea makes a fuss in our mind to turn the clock back and do the changes in those minutes of the past which have left us lonely to be disgruntled in the present time.

What a phantom idea it is!

Only one choice is left by the past to accept all the memories  with well disposition or without well disposition.


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