Once Again! Gloomy Day

I never intended to be a teacher but I just drifted into it. After spending a long holidays eventually the day had come to join the school. The beams of sunlight penetrates my eyes to wake me up to get ready for the long hectic moron schedule which was going to be started from today.

As I reached there we were told to sit in the roomy conference hall. We sat there with the insipid faces – no whiff of enthusiasm for what was going to be next. The eyes were bugged out with glum looks  & the ears were compelled to listen the negligible stuff but not to grasp. Actually sometimes time doesn’t give us any alternative to put off. After all boss is always right whether we feel quite compos or not.

The concurrent meetings were started when the clock struck quarter past fifteen past. The first hour of the hall went so nicely with a few ludicrous remarks. But after it what happened——- I just wanted to fuck it because one meeting got ended at the beginning of the second non negotiable meeting & this gratuitous procedure longed till 2 o’clock without any break to refresh ourselves for the next insubstantial topic.

I just wanted to leave that gloomy room but my legs grappled me there to rivet my mind to listen each & every word warily for getting the remuneration of this month.

But amidst these indolent things my mind was hovering because of one more thing which was also happening around me. I don’t know from where the negative thoughts pop up my mind to make me demented & become a cause to wrench the feelings of someone. I don’t want to disregard anyone but I make that person discompose inadvertently. Many times my mind gets devoured by the feeling of sorry but most probably I have lost that word sorry to say also.


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