Book’s Name – Beyond Reason

Author- Kat Martin

Genre- Romance, Romantic Suspense, General Romantic Suspense

Published – May 30, 2017

Publisher – Zebra

Price – $ 7.99

                              ” Good Balance of Action & Romance in Texas”

In the settings of Iron Springs scary atmosphere owing to intrigued plot tingles the spine with the tiniest amount of fear & worry for the hero & heroine.

On the one hand Carly Drake comes in Texas to build the inherited business of her grandfather but becomes the target of a nefarious purpose of a bad guy who wants to snuff out her completely. On the other hand Lincoln Cain a wealthy competitor with a disrupted past owing to law wants to help Carly due to his given word to her grandfather but Carly feels disgruntled to rely upon him after her two broken engagements.

But when she falls in jeopardy, she takes help from Lincoln Cain. From here the attention grows from the strength each glimpses in the other as they solve the mystery. Will Lincoln be able to keep her safe from the bad guys who want to get Carly to fall in line with their vicious plans?

The dialogues kept me on the edge of my seat every time the bad guys did their best to scare Carly . But the story moves very slowly & I think part of my struggle in reading this book was the length of this book.

So, guys if you want to read a blood curdle novel with a glimpse of romance, this would be a good choice for you.

Rating – 04/5

                 ( Reviewed by Akanksha Agrawal )


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