Dear child,

When you opened your eyes in this world, our nerves got impulsed & devoured by the brushing touch of your soft & warm hands. Your blurred dreams torched light to our eyes. The adorable moments which you gave us will invariably tingle us till the death throes of our lives.

We don’t know when this time flew away with your scurry steps & alluring smile and now you have grown up to take care of yourself but our hearts still freak out to think about you when you get late to come back from your office.

Possibly this is the interminable truth of this relationship between the parents & a child in which the distances of several kilometres can’t drift apart the two hearts.

But today when we feel the destitute of time because we don’t know for how many steps our lives will lead us forward? Hence we’ve decided to pour out our impulsive desires by penning out this letter for you.

Through this letter we just want to ask a question from you? Can we long a hope that you’ll requite the cherished love to us when we are diving towards the end of our final stage?

If occasionally while talking we’ll lose the track of our statements, will you give us the time to remember the lost words like a baby without inundating yourself with arrogance & impatience?

When we’d drag ourselves with the tired legs & not be able to walk any more, will your hands be keen to support us while we’re staggering in the same way when we held you while taking your first step of walk?

When the light of our eyes would get dim, will we be gratified to seek this world through your eyes?

Truly we will be grateful for your given time & cherished love because these two things are extremely needed to soothe our pain at the last day of our lives.



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