“Success is not got in the twinkling of an eye.”

If I say that there is a shortcut to get success, then it will be nothing else but our phantom only. Friends, success is the journey in which we do continuous wearisome long efforts to reach to our destination. This journey can be onerous & taxing but one thing is sure that the destination is not so far.

Four things must be kept in mind when we set off. These four things will propel our way to success.

The first & foremost is GOAL.  Yes, goal. We can call it the destination of our journey and it should be set up considering our capabilities. Once the goal is set up, then we must be feisty for that goal. Many times it is seen that people become volatile for their goals owing to think about not getting the desired results timely. This is the biggest mistake because if we don’t know our exact destination how we will go ahead in our journey.

Remember one thing that success is not got overnight. We must be glued to our goals. Never overwhelm mind when get the struggles because struggle is the companion of success in this journey.

The second inevitable thing is TIME MANAGEMENT. To think that we’re having 24 hrs in a day is only a misconstrue of time. Are we really getting 24 hrs to do the works? No, we’re not because many hours are lost in eating, sleeping, talking & doing other kinds of activities. In this way time which we get for this journey is very short and limited.

So, to fuck up that consequential time will take us many miles far away from success.

The third thing is PERSISTENCE. It must be done invariably to get success. To see the dreams indolently can’t make us successful. It’s very essential to come out of the dreams into the reality & do the relentless persistence for goal because success only owes to hard work.

Our grumblings can’t invigorate our way. Only our constant persistence with ingenious actions can enhance our outcomes.

The fourth one is PATIENCE. It is the inevitable part of this journey . One thing is sure that in this journey, there will come so many hindrances. Sometimes our struggles make us sceptical for getting the success. At that time we must have the aura of patience along with the trust on ourselves.

Though we’ve not reached to our destination but it is very near to us.

Best of luck friends for your journey of 2017


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