Book Review: Justice

Author: John Galsworthy

Genre: Drama, Social Tragedy, Problem Play

Publication: 1910

Attack on the English law & judicial machinery.”

Through this play Galsworthy denounces the rolling of the chariot wheels of Justice which revolve furiously and crush a number of innocent people to powder without considering their perturbed circumstances which lead them to do the felony and crime.

Four minutes changed the whole course of Falder’s life in which he got tempted to swindle in his office by altering the cheque to get the  immoral money. At that time the condition of his beloved Mrs. Ruth completely stupefied him who ran away from the house of her drunkard husband when he tried  to strangle her to death. Falder was succumbed  to get the money  anyhow to start a new life with Ruth &  became vulnerable to commit this felony at the spur of moment without any deliberate execution.

But the chariot of justice didn’t consider his psychology behind the crime & the dreams of a young man were crushed under its feet.

In the words of Frome, Galsworthy speaks these lines in the Act II of drama:-

“Imprison him as & I affirm you that he will be lost.”

The prosecution of Falder stamps some indelible questions in the mind of the readers: 1.”How will you justify the imprisonment of Falder who had already got the punishment of three months in the prison before the trial took place in the court?”

2.What would court do in consideration of his three months’ imprisonment before the trial if Falder was found innocent?

3.Should Falder not be given a chance to redeem himself?

4.  Was he not more sinned against his sinning when the play finds its denouement in the death of Falder?

5. Is it depravity to help a victimized married woman?

Ratings: 04/05

(Reviewed by Akanksha Agrawal)




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